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Colon Hydrotherapy

The gentle and soothing irrigation of the large intestine using filtered and temperature regulated water for the purpose of hydration and colonic waste removal through natural peristalsis.
Initial treatment $100
1 treatment $65
3 treatments $195
6 treatments $360
10 treatments $585
15 treatments $875
Sessions 1-3 may be purchased individually. Additional treatments are paid in advance as client and therapist deem necessary for the successful achievement of personalized health and well-being goals.

Massage Therapy

The application of experienced, trained and educated touch for the purpose of relaxation, pain reduction, or postural alignment.
30 min $40
60 min $75
90 min $115

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

Specialized treatment to correct postural alignment, chronic pain patterns, and repetitive strain injuries using scientific and medical concepts married with massage techniques. Requires client-therapist interaction.


The use of gentle compression and decompression techniques to align cranial bones, the jawbones, and pelvic bones by releasing fascial tension along the cranium and the spine. Requires client participation.

Massage Cupping

The use of specialized suction cups to enhance lymphatic flow and venous circulation for deep relaxation and pain reduction.

Essential Oils

Using Young Living Essential Oils for the individualized enhancement of both massage and colon hydrotherapy.
Application per oil $10

Raindrop Therapy

Specialized application of oils for scoliotic patterns, enhancing immunity, and decreasing pain. $110

Consultation – In office or by phone

30 min $45
60 min $65