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The AMA has reversed its position on supplementation. Now they tell us that everyone should supplement. Are you currently supplementing your diet with a multi-vitamin? Do you really know if what you’re taking is really working for you? Are you certain that you are not over-supplementing or under-supplementing?

Please research via the web, or that old standby, the library!
For starters, the following woman’s work is very highly recommended:

Healthy Healing

by Dr. Linda Page
Linda’s rewarding career as a leader in natural health and healing now spans almost three decades. As a prolific author and educator, Dr. Page has sold over a million books. Her most famous book, Healthy Healing – A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone, has been used as a textbook for health and nutrition courses at UCLA, The Institute of Educational Therapy, and Clayton College of Natural Health; as well as being the original quick reference book of natural healing programs anyone can use.
Also, visit her website here!

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