Candice Klein Gordon MA8163, M.Ed., LMT, CT, CBE

Candice was drawn into the complementary health care field in the late seventies with a health crisis that required her to look beyond what was offered by traditional healthcare. Her recovery was facilitated and accelerated ten years later with colon hydrotherapy. It is this experience that provides the understanding and enthusiasm that she has for her clients and her work.

As a colon hydrotherapist, Candice has met many people whose challenges go beyond what colon hydrotherapy can do for the body. She, herself, has struggled with Candida as the instigator for her digestive and skin disorders over the years and has tried many diets and remedies. The Body Ecology Diet is a complete plan and understands the infection better than any other program. This and her many struggling clients led her to the Body Ecology Diet training in early 2007.

She utilizes her fifteen years of teaching experience by teaching at Space Coast Massage Institute in Melbourne, Florida and has a full-time practice at Health Connections, which she established in 1988.

Candice is licensed by the state of Florida to perform colon hydrotherapy. She has received 1000 hours in colon therapy training through the International Association of Colon Therapy and is a certified instructor with them. In 2002 she became Nationally Certified as a colon hydrotherapist and in 2007 she became a Certified Body Ecologist. She has apprenticed 2 colon hydrotherapists.