Constipation Help

If you are not having 2 to 3 bowel movements a day, YOU ARE CONSTIPATED. You’re not alone, though. Thanks to the Standard American Diet (SAD) over 90% of the American population is experiencing the same condition. The following list of symptoms also indicates constipation and the fast track to the disease process: Headaches; Skin problems like eczema and psoriasis; Frequent colds; Fatigue; Hyper/hypoglycemia; Insomnia; Irritability; Edema/swelling; Bloating/gas; Acid reflux/indigestion; Asthma/allergies; Overweight/underweight; Low sex drive; Menstrual problems; Depression; Intimate itching and infections; General aches and pains.

Constipation occurs when the food you eat is not digested properly. It all starts when you put food in your mouth. The food progresses to your stomach, then to the small intestine, on to the large intestine, and is finally eliminated. If that happens in 12-24 hours, the food cannot easily be converted into fat, does not stay in your body long enough to become rancid and turn into toxins, nutrients can get into your blood stream quicker and your whole body works the way it was meant to work.

But, this is what really happens to you (I’m assuming that since you’re reading this) and the other 90% of the population. You eat food, it goes to the stomach, which does not have enough digestive enzymes, so it does not digest properly. The problem has begun. Gas starts to develop; the food that doesn’t digest properly gets stuck in the stomach and then moves very slowly through the small and large intestines.

When food doesn’t digest in the stomach first, it can’t be digested in the small or large intestine. When it stays longer than it should, it begins to putrefy and turn rancid, putting out poisonous gasses. Other food comes in, gets stuck with that food amplifying the toxic process over and over again. The small and large intestines actually expand – in some cases up to 10 times normal size. This is why people get a big gut and women get the “mommy pouch”. Food that gets stuck then becomes rancid and those toxins start entering the bloodstream. When food gets stuck in the intestines, nutrients that you normally would receive are not absorbed or assimilated. In addition, there are several more problems. You now have excess gas and toxins that are overloading the kidneys and liver; you have nutritional deficiencies. You have allergies starting to develop because food that is in the body longer than it should be is labeled a toxin and the body reads all food that is the same or similar as toxic, and allergic reaction results. This process also creates a prime breeding ground for yeast and parasites.

When this clogging of the intestines continues to occur, the entire digestive system starts to slow down, which means metabolism also slows down, and you gain weight. You also begin to crave more carbohydrates and sugars. Interestingly enough, the foods you are now sensitive to are the ones you crave. So you continue to eat these “bad” foods and all of the body’s systems begin to spiral downward. All internal organs, endocrines, and hormone levels are out of balance and you are no longer in a state of homeostasis (the body’s innate ability to find balance). As your health spirals downward, your energy goes down; stress goes up; depression and moodiness go up; food cravings and weight goes up; flatulence, burping, and acid reflux goes up; circulation goes down; pain increases; diabetes, arthritis, and insomnia become more prevalent.

However, all is not lost. Don’t go out and buy more life insurance – it’s really just time for an internal cleansing.